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ESPY (ɪˈspʌɪ,ɛˈspʌɪ)
 – to suddenly or unexpectedly see something / catch sight of.

A private, fully licensed tattoo studio based in Horsebridge, East Sussex (UK). ESPY was started as a self directed project in 2014, producing graphical/design lead projects before transforming formally into a certified and clinical tattooing space in 2016. The mission is to create a platform where design and tattoo can be seen together and continue to evolve.

For all design, illustration and tattooing enquiries and bookings please give me a call on 07912 256503, email info@espystudio.co.uk or use the contact button below.

We’re social too: 

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About BG.jpg

& enquiries


When enquiring about a tattoo appointment please provide the following information:

Idea – Please state what you are wanting to get tattooed. 
Placement & Scale – Please state where you want the tattoo on your body and state a rough size of the tattoo and if it has to fit between existing pieces. 
Ink – Currently only working with black. 
Appointment – Available dates are shown below, please mention which date you would like when booking. A deposit may be asked to secure your booking slot – this is for ALL tattoo appointments. No exceptions.


Free consultation • Development of an individual sketch • Instruction of aftercare • Aftercare products included • Regular customer discounts • Parking • WiFi

Please remember to bring I.D with you on the day.

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